Assam Rifles leads cleanliness drive of river Chite Lui on World Environment Day

Aizawl, 3 June (Zoram News): In commemoration of World Environment Day, the Aizawl Battalion of Assam Rifles took the initiative to organize a Cleanliness Drive of River Chite Lui this morning. This event served as a significant outreach activity for the Mass Mobilization on Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) campaign, which aims to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices. Collaborating with local communities and civil society organizations (CSOs), the battalion played a pivotal role in driving this noble cause.

Assam Rifles leads cleanliness drive of river Chite Lui on World Environment Day
The primary objective of the cleanliness drive was to raise awareness among the local population about the pivotal role and significance of rivers in our daily lives and the overall environment. The event garnered active and enthusiastic participation from the residents of Aizawl, as well as CSOs such as MHIP and YMA, which have branches throughout the Aizawl District. Prominent individuals like Pi Biaksawmi from Armed Veng South, Pi Darhmingliani from Khatla South, Pi R Vanlalruate from Chhinga Veng, and volunteers from Chite Veng YMA actively contributed to the initiative. They wholeheartedly supported the cause and expressed their gratitude to the Assam Rifles for spearheading such a vital endeavor.

Notably, even bystanders and nearby villagers of Chite River joined the Cleanliness Drive with great enthusiasm, showcasing their commitment to making the event a resounding success. Their participation demonstrated the collective effort required to preserve and protect our natural resources.

As the world celebrates World Environment Day, the efforts of Aizawl Battalion of Assam Rifles in organizing the Cleanliness Drive of River Chite Lui reflect their dedication to promoting environmental consciousness and instilling a sense of responsibility towards nature. This event highlights the importance of rivers and their vital role in sustaining life and maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
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