National Hackathon on Waste Reduction in Mizoram

Aizawl, 6 Sept (ZOram News): Mizoram Pollution Control Board and NIT Mizoram jointly conducted the National Hackathon on Waste Reduction, a significant event aimed at fostering innovative solutions to tackle waste-related challenges. The event took place at the PHQ Multipurpose Hall in Khatlâ, and it witnessed enthusiastic participation from NIT students and other individuals interested in waste reduction initiatives.

National Hackathon on Waste Reduction in Mizoram
The National Hackathon was organized under the auspices of Mission LiFE, a government initiative, with the goal of encouraging IT professionals and technology enthusiasts from various parts of India to come forward with innovative ideas to address waste management issues. Participants from different regions with backgrounds in information technology and water resources were invited to submit their solutions, with the submission deadline set for July.

Yesterday, on Wednesday, experts from IIT Kharagpur, including Prof. Brajesh Kumar Dubey, and Scientist Pu R.P. Gurung from the Central Pollution Control Board, delivered online presentations on waste reduction strategies. They emphasized the importance of environmental conservation within the framework of Mission LiFE, inspiring participants to actively contribute to waste reduction efforts. In the afternoon, ten selected participants presented their ideas through engaging PowerPoint presentations, receiving valuable feedback from experts representing NIT Mizoram, the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) of Mizoram, and the Mizoram Pollution Control Board (MPCB).

During the day's proceedings, participants were evaluated, and the most promising waste reduction solutions were recognized and awarded certificates and substantial cash prizes. The Deputy Registrar of NIT Mizoram, Ms. Lalthianghlimi Zote, expressed her satisfaction with the event's success, highlighting the importance of such initiatives in driving positive change and sustainable waste management practices.

This National Hackathon on Waste Reduction stands as a testament to the commitment of Mizoram and NIT Mizoram to finding innovative solutions to address the pressing issue of waste reduction and environmental sustainability.

Stay tuned for more updates on the outcomes and impacts of this inspiring event.

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