Lyuva Khutla 2022 celebrated with great pomp and gaiety at Siaha

Siaha, 11 March: Mara Autonomous District Council(MADC) organised a celebration programme of the most popular Festival of the Maras called Lyuva Khutla at its courtyard here in Siaha today.

Lyuva Khutla is the grandest festival amongst various festivals of the Mara tribe and it is celebrated annually in the month of March by dancing,singing,showcasing traditional attires, children playing various traditional games and merry-making by one and all throughout the day with complete gay abandon. This year celebration however, is mellowed down in regard to programme's items and size of the crowd in accordance with Covid-19 SOP and therefore, no children, no students and no large crowd were participated in the festival.

Celebration programme was set off at 10:30AM with the arrival of the Chaypi(Festival) host, Puhpa S.Vadyu, Ex-CEM of MADC and Puhpa K.Chhihrau, Chairman,Lyuva Khutla Organizing Board and Executive Secretary, MADC delivered a welcome speech. Rev. NC.Vabeilua proffered devotional prayer & brief sermon, which was followed by chant/shout of triumphal hunter performed by Puhpa FC Zakhai, followed suit by blowing of trumpet by trumpeters Puhpa K.Ngiabei and Puhpa K.Thansiama.

Meisavaih 'W' MTP Branch presented an opening song and the Host(or Patriarchal) of the Chaypi(Festival) Puhpa S.Vadyu hoisted Festival flag and delivered a speech and in his speech, he reiterated that Maras, according to outsiders' account such as N.E Perry's "The Lakhers" and others, were Brave, industrious,honest and kind. Let our Festival reminded us of who we were then, and what we ought to do to uphold those virtues of our forefathers, he quipped.

Puhpa S Lalsangliana, Deputy Commissioner, Siaha district also delivered a speech on this occasion as well, and implored the festival revellers; not to let themselves carried away by the pomp and gaieties, and the merry-making of this festival without giving a thought to how this festival come about. He hoped and wished that that Lyuva Khutla festival brought back all the good virtues and ethos of the olden days to the present days.

Lyuva Khutla revellers were regaled with and entertained by local artistes with their melodious voices and beautiful traditional dances all day long.

Myanmar Idol Mr. David Lai and Miss Mizoram Ms. Zirsangpuii also participated in this celebration as special invitees.

Puhpa JB.Chozah, Secretary Lyuva Khutla Organizing Board and Art& Culture Development Officer,MADC concluded festival celebration programme with a proposal of votes of thanks.
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