Chapchar Kut 2022 celebrate with the theme of Zonun zemawi - Rinawmna

Aizawl, 4 March 22 (ZRN): Unlike other years where Chapchar Kut was celebrated with much dance and festivity, Chapchar Kut 2021 was celebrated through a virtual program due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Chapchar Kut 2022- Chief MinisterSelected attendees were invited to Vanapa Hall for a brief program where Chief Minister Zoramthanga was the ‘Kut Pa’ or father of the festival. Chief Minister Zoramthanga spoke on the theme of the festival which was "Zonun zemawi - Rinawmna" which can be loosely translated to the beautiful Mizo characteristic of faithfulness.

He spoke on the importance of the theme saying even if we are talented in different areas and are world renowned, if we do not have the trait of faithfulness our talents and knowledge will lead to destruction.

Zoramthanga said Mizoram has been going through a difficult time due to the pandemic, border escalations, major fire breakouts, african swine flu, the refugee crisis and a struggling economy.

People who strive through difficult times stand out and become victorious as can be seen in history. As we have faced difficult times, we cannot celebrate the festival as we did in previous years, however, let these times mold us to become exemplary people, he said.

Art & Culture Minister R. Lalzirliana who was the ‘Kut Thlengtu’ or the Chief Host of the festival said he regrets that the state could not celebrate together due to the pandemic. He also expressed that he hopes the time will soon come again when everyone can join in festivity and song to celebrate the kut again.


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