Mizoram condemns Assam’s order of mandatory checking to all vehicles

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Aizawl, the 31 July, 2021: Home Department, Government of Mizoram yesterday issued a press release responding and condemning to Assam Government order for mandatory checking of all vehicles entering to Assam from Mizoram.

The Press Release says “It is unfortunate to learn that Government of Assam in its order no. HMA.19/42/2021-VIG-H&P/Pt.(l)/ecf:/168844/26 Dated Dispur the 29th July, 2021 instructed its police to check all vehicles entering into Assam from Mizoram due to reported seizure of illicit drugs in Assam recently which were alleged to have been trafficked from across the border via Mizoram into the territory of Assam.

The order further states that such vehicles will be thoroughly checked by personnel of Assam Police at the point of entry at all Assam-Mizoram borders. These vehicles shall be released only after due satisfaction of an officer, not below the rank of sub-inspector of police, that no illicit drugs are carried in the vehicles. This will undoubtedly create unnecessary problems and hardships to the innocent citizens of the country travelling from Mizoram to Assam.

There have been instances of seizure of vehicles and arrest of persons carrying illicit drugs coming over from Assam to Mizoram but mandatory checking of every vehicles passing through Assam-Mizoram boundary had never been initiated by Government of Mizoram as it is needless and unconstitutional to check unsuspected vehicles and persons. There is no such restrictions on the movement of non-residents of Mizoram travelling within Mizoram through the Mizoram-Assam border, this order may however be viewed as another way of creating opportunity to harass all vehicles and passengers from Mizoram by Assam police.

During the last 10 years huge quantities of illicit drugs have been seized in Mizoram which were smuggled from Assam side. The seized drugs include 1.05kgs of heroin, 3057.08 kgs of pseudoephedrine, 4,30,385 caps of Parvon Spas, 24.114 kgs of ganja and 13053 caps of proxyvon. In this connection 296 cases have been registered, 395 persons from Assam were arrested. The issue of drugs trafficking is a worldwide problem and one state cannot fight a lone battle in the war against drugs. The issue of drugs trafficking can be better solved by better communication between the states and flow of drugs can be better halted by co-ordination between district police on the opposing borders instead of threatening and harassing innocent civilians without any reasons at all.

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