Khawzawl DC visited Mualvawm Field to be covered with Astro Turf

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Khawzawl, 28 July: Pu Zothanmawia, Deputy Commissioner of Khawzawl District today visited Khawzawl Mualvawm field being constructed to cover astro turf and the on-going construction of Pavilion. The Deputy Commissioner asked the Contractor and workers to build a reliable infrastructure and asked a problem if they face.

He said the contractor is still constructing for covering the field by astro turf. The three layers were completed and the top most layer is to construct and is being paused due to monsoon rain and is to be resumed when the weather permits, he said. The side drain besides the ground is being constructed now. After covering with the stone dust, construction of fencing and laying artificial grass will be next step.

Khawzawl Mualvawm filed is being constructed through UD & PA Department by Syncotts International with a cost of more than 476 lakh rupees. The area of the field will be 109×76 meters. Fencing and parking will also be constructed.

Zothanmawia also had a spot visit to the on-going construction of Pavilion constructed by the other contractor under UD & PA with a cost of Rs. 371,67,171.74/- . The area will be 29.60 x 11.90 mtrs.The Deputy Commissioner was today accompanied by James Lalnithanga, SDO (Sadar); Ngurthansanga, DUDO; H.Lalramenga, SDC ; Contractors and Technicians.

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