Governor interacts with Mizoram University administrators

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Aizawl, 29 July 2021: Prof JK Patnaik, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Prof Lalnundanga, Registrar of Mizoram University, Tanhril has called on Governor Dr Haribabu Kambhampati, who is also the Chief Rector of the same university at the latter’s office chamber, Raj Bhavan.

After a brief appraisal with the background, the progress and new initiatives of the University, Governor Haribabu has expressed that he is impressed by such a young University for achieving so much with a short existence. He congratulated Prof KRS Sambasiva Rao, Vice-Chancellor along with the teaching and non-teaching staff of the University for making Mizoram University one of the most recognised universities in the countries.

He had also advised the heads of the University to embrace and invest more into the fields of Skill Development, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Engineering and other professional courses which may augment the employability of the students soon after they did their education. Governor believed that the youth of the Northeast are hardworking and their chances of getting employed in professional institutions, multi-national companies and the hospitality areas are very high.

He suggested that these areas and skill development through education guidance must be taken care of by Mizoram University and its affiliated colleges in the states. And that the corporate HRs are ready to conduct campus interviews no matter the locations as long as skilful manpower are available. Governor Kambhampati has also agreed to pursue the proposal already submitted to the Ministry for setting up of Southern Campus of MZU, Lunglei.

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