Governor Pillai visits tourism sites at Thenzawl

Thenzawl, the 24th March 2021: Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai and Lady Governor Reetha Sreedharan had made the road trip to Thenzawl town and explored several sites offered for the tourists in this area, today.

On exploring multiple sites that offered sightseeing and also beckon tourism business opportunities within the surrounding area of Thenzawl town, Governor voiced his optimism of the tourism sector growing in Mizoram. He had rightly pointed out that the Mizos by nature are hospitable and courteous to their guests. This noble tradition, he believed would be the right ingredients to mix it with the scenic beauty of the land to woo tourists from outside and make Mizoram a worthy destination for the tourists. In this connection, he also shared his appreciation of the Tourism Department for taking up a slew of ambitious projects, one fine example being the Thenzawl Golf Course and Resort. Tourism, he suggested, will not only be a relevant image-building initiative for the state but could also be a sizable state revenue-generating sector.  He has also recommended more aggressive and attractive approach in publicity to reach out to the wide range of tourists outside the state. And he also agreed that the promotion of tourism in Mizoram is the one way to augment the state own revenue income for which Mizoram has great potential.

Thenzawl town is just two and half hour drive away from Aizawl City. The picturesque surrounding of this town is known popularly for offering several interesting sites to visit for the tourists. Vantawng  Khawhthla(Vantawng Water Falls), the highest waterfall in the state, Thenzawl Golf Course & Resort, an 18 holes Golf course adorned with first-class tourists facilities, Dilpui, Vety Farm, a scenic farm run by the state government which is also open for the tourists and some other interesting spots in this area were among those places the Governor and his entourage visited today.

Pu Amol Srivastava, SDO(Civil), Thenzawl and the officials escorted the Governor and his entourage to the selected sites, today.

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