Mizoram footballer with a heart of gold

Aizawl, 20 Aug 2020: Indian footballer Lallianzuala Chhangte bought a huge amount of gulab jamun from a sweet shopkeeper whose income was badly hit because of the COVID -19 pandemic.

“We are not allowed to have sweets under any circumstance, but this is one way we have thought of helping out the shopkeeper here,” said the winger.

Chhangte recalled the days when he used to practice in the ground that was near to the sweetshop whose family was also dear to him.

“I still remember uncle used to try newer sweets and share them with us first,” Chhangte said.

“While coming back from school, I used to have lunch at his place almost every day. They are so close to my heart,” he added.

On an emotional tone, Chhangte said that he was saddened to see that the shopkeeper and his family’s condition, and so decided to help them in any way he could.
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