Tourism Department close down all of their facilities

Aizawl, 19 March (Zoram News): Mizoram Government’s Tourism Department took a decision to shut down all Tourist Lodges, Highway Restaurants, Tourist Resorts, Wayside Amenities and Thenzawl Golf Resort owned and operated by the Department from 19th of March to 15th April, 2020 due to the pandemic Novel Coronavirus. This order shall be extended or rescinded depending on the situation.

The Department issued an advisory to all private hotels, home-stays, restaurants and tea stalls to strictly follow and observe health and safety protocols, and to take all precautionary measures. All hotels and restaurants across the state are barred from organizing any sort of events and gatherings. If any suspected case of COVID-19 is found among the guests, owners or operators of such hotels and restaurants should immediately notify authorities through the COVID-19 helpline number. Any new guests arriving from within and outside the state should also be reported to the Director, Tourism Department through WhatsApp no.6009728238 or with their entire travel history.

Tourism Department also bans all Tours and Travel Operators from organizing any group tours.

Citizens are advised not to visit any hotels or restaurants but to order take-outs from the safety of their own homes. The Department strongly discourages touring, traveling, vacations, etc. during the global COVID-19 outbreak. For protection against COVID-19, relatives arriving from outside the State should undergo the mandatory home quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.

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