Mizoram govt to hold political level talks with HPC (D)

Aizawl, 26 June, 2017 (PTI):  The peace talks between Mizoram government and the Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic) scheduled to be held during July is most likely to be elevated to political level talks from the present official level talks, a senior state Home Department official on Monday said. The official said that four rounds of talks held since August 10 last year were held under cordial atmosphere and mutual trusts and had proceeded fast towards reaching an amicable settlement to the vexed Hmar imbroglio.

The ongoing talks had revolved around deliberations on the autonomy and functions to be accorded to the Sinlung Hills Development Council (SHDC) which is most likely to be renamed as Sinlung Hills Council (SHC). Financial allocation for rehabilitation and resettlement of HPC (D) cadres once they came over ground with arms had reportedly been approved by the state Finance department.

The HPC (D), earlier demanded a separate autonomous district council in Mizoram by carving our the areas in the north eastern part of the state adjoining Manipur. The outfit, earlier, did not accept the formation of SHDC, constituted following the agreement signed between the state government and the erstwhile underground HPC in 1994 and went underground again soon after the surrender of arms by the HPC militants.
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