Fire Service Week observes in State

Aizawl, April 15: As in other parts of the country, Fire Service Week- (April 14 -April 20) is being observed in the State too.

The theme of this year’s Fire Service Week, as selected by the Government of India is “Prevent Fire Accident – Promote Nation’s Development”.

On this occasion, the State’s Fire & Emergency Services department reminds the people in a message that fire incident occurs often than not due to negligence and therefore asked to take caution. It also reminds the people that fire prevention is the responsibility of all, adding that house wiring should be done by those only qualified so as to prevent incident due to electric short circuit.

People are advised to use MCB and proper rating fuse wire and also to make circuit breaker. The department also instructed the people to not leave Electric iron, Heater and Immersion Rod etc. without putting them off first and to see the same done even when there is no Power supply.

One of the reasons for fire incident the department pointed out is overloading due to creation of many points from one plug point.

Fire Service Day/ Martyr’s Day and Fire Service Week is observed in commemoration of the fateful day of April 14, 1944 when a warship ‘FortStikine’ caught fire at a harbor in Mumbai port and 66 Bombay Fire Brigade personnel and 11 members of Bombay Salvage Corps died while doing rescue work. Since then Fire Service Day has been observed on every April 14 and April 14- April 20 also observed as Fire Service Week.
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