Roger Federer sees Andy Murray as `biggest threat` to Wimbledon hopes

London: Wimbledon champion Roger Federer has reportedly said that he sees a `bigger threat` in Andy Murray than Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic as he stands out a bit over the others.

Federer said that compared to the Wimbledon champions Nadal and Djokovic, Murray stands out being natural on the surface and has been playing great last year throughout Wimbledon and Olympics and the recent grand slam victory in New York.

Post the grand slam victory; Murray said that it was tough for him to feel he was part of tennis till he won the game and now feels glad about it.

Talking about his tennis friend Ross Hutchins who is battling cancer, Murray hopes that Hutchins will get well sooner and being positive is the way to deal with it.

Murray on playing against Federer said that he could have won the 2012 final if he had played like he did in big matches before and waited for his opponent to miss but Federer got the second set and started playing better and he couldn`t reach that level on the day.

Murray further said that may be he will not win the Wimbledon but not for lack of trying but because he is aiming at another grand slam, the report added.

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