World’s first curved screen TV readies for pre-order, cost over R 7 lakh

LG, the Korean company which is second in the World to introduce a curved screen television is ready to deliver its 55-inch curved screen OLED display marvel to the public.

The company has announced that it will begin accepting pre-orders for its 55-inch (54.6-inch diagonal) Curved OLED TV (Model 55EA9800) in South Korea. Delivery of these orders will begin next month.

More than 1,400 LG retail stores in South Korea will begin taking orders today from customers for the premium TV, priced at KRW 15 million (this will come to Rs 7.37 lakh when converted from South Korean currency to Indian currency at the rate of 1 KRW = Rs 0.049).

This announcement makes LG the first company to commercialize both the flat screen OLED TV (which began shipping in Korea in February), and bring the Curved OLED TV to the market. The TV was unveiled in the International Consumer Electronics Forum 2013. Though LG was committed to launch the television as World’s first,  Samsung became the first to announce a curved TV with a prototype of 55 inch OLED TV at the event, overtaking LG by “mere hours ago” reports TrustedReviews.
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