Twins Take Center Stage: Aizawl Primary School Welcomes Unprecedented Influx

 Aizawl, 16 May 24 (Zoram News): Government College Veng Primary School in Aizawl finds itself at the center of a delightful anomaly this academic year, as it welcomes an unprecedented influx of twins. The school, located in Aizawl, has garnered widespread attention after a viral social media post featuring eight sets of twins captured the hearts of netizens.

Among the eight sets, seven are identical twins, marking a remarkable occurrence in the school's history. Headmaster H Lalventluanga expressed his delight, stating that while the school has seen twins enrolled in the past, this year's count sets a new record.

"We were thrilled to discover during a staff meeting that we have eight sets of twins currently studying across various classes," Lalventluanga shared with The Assam Tribune. "Compared to last year's four sets, this is truly remarkable."

The twins hail from different localities in Aizawl, including College Veng, ITI, and Salem Veng, showcasing a diverse representation. Gender-wise, there is a balanced distribution among the twins, with one set of fraternal twins, four sets of girls, and three sets of boys.

Lalventluanga elaborated on the distribution of twins across classes, revealing that KG 1 boasts two pairs of boys, one fraternal pair, and one pair of girls. KG 2 hosts a male pair, while Class 1 and Class 2 each have a pair of girls, further highlighting the intriguing presence of twins throughout the school.

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