Family Oriented SEDP Program launched in Lawngtlai District

Lawngtlai, 30 Aug (ZoramNews): Mizoram government’s Flagship Programme, the family oriented Socio-Economic Development Policy (SEDP) was launched in Lawngtlai District on Tuesday by Lawngtlai East MLA and Agriculture Development Board Vice Chairman H. Biakzaua. The program was held at Lawngtlai-III CYLA Hall.

H. Biakzaua spoke at the program saying the government has fulfilled many of its projects and plans, and now he was happy to see that their plans for family oriented SEDP were being fulfilled.

Family Oriented SEDP Program launched in Lawngtlai District
He appreciated the government saying despite the government not being able to receive around 3,000 crores as assured from the Central government and while it had to spend on Covid19, border clashes, the refugee crisis, the ASF epidemic, and natural disaster responses, it has not stopped working on developmental projects. Even the family oriented SEDP will be carried out step by step as planned, he said.

The MLA spoke on the admin cost benefits for the Village Level SEDP Committee saying they will receive Rs. 300 per beneficiary. District Level SEDP Committee Member Secretary Marilyn Rualzakhumthangi gave a report saying, the three assembly constituencies in Lawngtlai District, Tuichawng, Lawngtlai West and Lawngtlai East have 4, 500 beneficiaries.

The SEDP is the flagship programme of the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF), which aims at bringing sustainable development by accelerating progress in key sectors through exploration and judicious use of resources and maintaining equality and equity among the citizens.

Under this policy, the government was initially planning to provide monetary assistance to the tune of not less than Rs. 3 lakh to beneficiaries to start
projects (trades) of their choice for sustainable development and the economic uplift of household families.

The flagship programme has been partly implemented in the form of constructing roads, important infrastructures and projects and hiring teachers, among others, since 2019.

The state government has allocated Rs. 700 crore for the implementation of SEDP in the 2022- 2023 state's budget. Of the Rs. 700 crore, Rs. 350 crore has been earmarked for family development programme

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