Zoramthanga appeals for peace, says North east will always be one

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Aizawl, 28 July: Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga, who is in quarantine after coming into contact with the positive Covid case, stated on Wednesday that “the northeast will be one” as he called for calm and peace and hoped the center would find a friendly solution to Assam-Mizoram. The border dispute, which spiraled out of control on Monday after police forces from the two states clashed and resulted in the deaths of six Assam policemen.

zoramtThe prime minister, whose Mizo National Front is a partner of NDA and NEDA, He tweeted, “I sincerely ask everyone to remain calm and promote peace at this time of great difficulty. Mizoram hopes for a friendly solution with the help of the intervention of the Central Government ”.

He also shared a video of people from Assam who stayed in Mizoram receiving the Covid-19 vaccine at a church in Aizawl. “Our brothers in Assam receive their Covid vaccines in a Local church hall in Aizawl. Non-Mizos from all walks of life within Mizoram are at peace. I urge everyone to remain in peace and refrain from violence of any kind. “Northeast It will always be One ”he wrote on Twitter.

The Mizoram CM office from its Twitter account reported that the CM was “currently in quarantine according to COVID-19 (after a positive contact). This has affected the normal operation of your office to some extent. Meetings that require the presence or personal contact of the CM, as well as interviews, can be suspended for the time being. ”

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