Press Statement of Mizoram Home Minister on border issues

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Aizawl, 26 July (Zoram News): Mizoram Home Minister Pu Lalchamliana, today made a Press Statement on the border tension created by Assam  and creates problems to the local Indigenous Peoples and he feels the public needs to know the thuth

1. Around 200 (two hundred) Assam armed Police led by IGP, Assam Police accompanied by DC, Cachar, SP, Cachar and DFO, Cachar came to Vairengte Auto-rickshaw stand at around 11:30 a.m. today i.e., 26.07.2021. They forcibly crossed the duty post manned by CRPF personnel stationed there and overran a duty post manned by 1 (one) section of Mizoram police personnel. The Assam Police also damaged several vehicles that were travelling along the National Highway between Vairengte and Lailapur.

2. Upon learning of the arson committed by Assam Police, residents of Vairengte town, Kolasib District proceeded to the site to inquire. These unarmed civilians were assaulted by Assam Police by lathi charging them and firing tear gas, thereby causing injuries to several civilians.

3. SP, Kolasib and an Executive Magistrate went to meet them and try to resolve the issue. However, Assam side were adamant and unwilling to discuss the issue.

4. The confrontation continued and a volley of tear gas canisters and grenades were launched at Mizoram Police followed by firing from Assam side at around 4:50 p.m.

5. Mizoram Police responded spontaneously by firing back at Assam Police inspite of the fact that SP, Kolasib District was still inside CRPF duty camp negotiating with the Assam Police authorities.

6. The entire development had been quite unfortunate. It all started with the Assam Police aggression into the duty camps of CRPF and Mizoram Police near Vairengte Auto-Rickshaw stand.

7. With the intervention of the Hon’ble Union Home Minister who spoke to both the Chief Ministers, Assam Police have withdrawn from the place and the duty post bave been handed back to CRPF personnel.

8. The Government of Mizoram strongly condemns the unjustified act of the Government of Assam in this intrusion and aggression into the territory of Mizoram. The Government of Mizoram deeply regrets the needless injuries on both sides which could have been avoided and wishes a speedy recovery to all those injured.

9. The Government of Mizoram desires that the inter-state border issue with Assam be resolved in an atmosphere of peace and understanding. Accordingly, we call upon the State of Assam to create congenial environment for peaceful resolution of the dispute.

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