Home Secretary informs the economic blockade and destruction of railway lines to Centre

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Aizawl, 28th July 2021 : Pi Lalbiaksangi,Mizoram Home Secretary this morning communicated to the Union Home Secretary about the economic blockade by Assam and destruction of railway lines connecting Bairabi Railway Station following Tuesday’s incident at the border and requested the Union Government’s intervention on the matter.

In her letter, the Home Secretary informed the Union Home Secretary that National Highway — 306 and other roads connecting Mizoram with other parts of the country from Assam have been blocked from 26.07.2021 and the blockade has persisted till date. She stated that the National Highway-306 is the main highway for the flow of essential commodities and supplies into the state and that the blockade is affecting the livelihood of the people of Mizoram adversely in the thick of the current COVID-19 pandemic which has hit Mizoram very hard.

The Home Secretary also reported that unknown miscreants from Assam have destroyed/removed railway tracks/lines at Mohammedpur Railway Station and Ramnathpur Railway Station in Hailakandi District, Assam. With this destruction, the only railway line connecting Bairabi Railway Station, Mizoram has been blocked. This has the effect of blocking the only alternative route for entry of goods and supplies into the State, she further noted in her letter.

The letter recalled that in this connection that the State sponsored economic blockade was earlier imposed by Assam state for a long period lasting from 17.10.2020 to 11.11.2020. That blockade had seriously affected the livelihood of the people of Mizoram, resulting in various hardships. It is reported with serious concern that Assam has been indulging in the practice of imposing economic blockade merely because of the fact the main supply routes National Highways and Railway lines are passing through the state. Incidents like this have occurred numerous times in the past in connection with other incidents, the letter further elaborated.

The letter also stated the National Highways and Railway lines are owned and managed by the Government of India and no state agency/entity or the general public has any right to block them and restrict the movement of people and goods through the highways and railroads.

The Home Secretary requested the intervention of the Union Government to instruct the Government of Assam to take necessary action for the immediate removal of the blockade so as to ensure resumption of the movement of goods and passengers along the National Highway and Railway line.

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