Home Minister visits Assam-Mizoram border

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Kolasib 27 July 2021: Home Minister Mr. Lalchamliana today visited the IR Camp site at Vairengte, where a failed attempt of overtaking the camp site by Assam Police took place yesterday.

The Mizoram Home Minister said that while efforts were being made to diffuse the border tension between the two states, the Assam Police provocation yesterday had compelled the Mizoram Police to reciprocate in order to protect the Mizoram IR Duty post. The Home Minister also stated that Mizoram Police are being placed at Saihapui ‘V’, Aitlang and Zophai areas where border tension surged up recently due to incursion by the Assam Police.

The Home minister lauded the reaction of the Mizoram Police against the intruding Assam Police intending to overpower the Mizoram IR Duty Post well within the boundary of Mizoram.

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