Jennifer Lopez felt she “let everyone down” after not being nominated for Oscars

2 March 2020 (CNA): Jennifer Lopez might have been in Hustlers but she definitely worked hard for what she’s got. She’s already been involved in numerous highlights less than three months into 2020, having performed with Shakira during the Super Bowl and also endearing herself to critics with her performance in Hustlers.

Still, the star revealed to Oprah Winfrey on Saturday (Feb 29) that she was “a little sad” and “it was a little bit of a letdown” that she was not nominated for an Oscar for her role as a stripper in the critically acclaimed movie. She was talking to Winfrey as part of an interview for the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour where the host shares her wellness journey.

“I was sad, I was a little sad because there was a lot of buildup to it,” Lopez said. “There were so many articles, I got so many good notices – more than ever in my career – and there was a lot of ‘She’s going to get nominated for an Oscar, it’s going to happen, if it doesn’t you’re crazy.’”

She also described how she had gotten her hopes up and wondered if she could actually get nominated.

“And then it didn’t and I was like ‘Ouch’ it was a little bit of a letdown,” she explained. “Also I felt like my whole team – most of my team has been with me for years, 20, 25 years – and I think they had a lot of hopes on that and they wanted it too, so I felt like I let everyone down a little bit.”

But she also realised that the feeling stemmed from wanting validation from others and she felt that she did not need the award to tell her she was “enough”.

Lopez also touched on the Super Bowl controversy where her performance with Shakira was deemed “too sexy”.

The Let's Get Loud singer said: “It was such a beautiful night and it was so well received, to listen to the small fraction of people who thought it was too sexy or were trying to say something negative, it would’ve been a sin for me to concentrate on that.”

Apart from the revealing chat with J Lo, Winfrey's show that evening was eventful for another reason – the host took a tumble as she was walking on stage.

Winfrey tripped and fell to the floor just as she was talking about balance in life. She recovered like a champ, however, took off her heels and did the rest of her talk barefoot.

She later joked about the fall on social media, saying she was going home to "ice my knee and ankle."
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