Chapchar Kut 2020 celabrates with joy in Lawngtlai

Lawngtlai 7 March (Zoram News): The biggest and most treasured festival of Mizoram, Chapchar Kut 2020 was celebrated yesterday, the 6th March at the Deputy Commissioner's office complex with great vibes. A prominent citizen of Lawngtlai, a retired Executive Secretary of the Lai Autonomous District Council (LADC) and a writer Dr R. Tintlunga Hnialum graced the function as a chief guest designated as "Kut Pa" and the Deputy Commissioner Pi Shashanka Ala, IAS was the main host designated as "Kut Thlengtu".

The Kut Pa said different festivals have been celebrated by different nations since ancient times, and Chapchar Kut is one of the many Mizo festivals that is celebrated till today with much favour and gaiety, but as a Christian state, it is important to celebrate the festival with unleavened bread. This year's Kut theme "Zo nun ze mawi chawi san" (upholding traditional values of Mizo) is to be shown in respecting elders, chivalry, obedience and selflessness, he said with a request to the gathering crowd to do the same.

The Kut Thlengtu welcomed the guests, invitees and all participants with warm regards. She invited the crowd to celebrate the Kut with great joy and also to pay heed to the theme besides enjoying themselves.

Grace Harmony, Lawngtlai Bazar opened the celebration with the Mizo national song, "Ro Min Relsak Ang Che" during which the crowd joined them by standing up from their seats. Lawngtlai Pastorate Presbyterian pastor Rev. R. Lalfakawma prepared a session of devotion. MUP Sub Hqtrs Lawngtlai performed victorious chantings of hlado and bawhhla and fired blank shots. MHIP Sub-Headquarters Lawngtlai, LWA Chandmary Branch and YLA Council Veng Branch performed several traditional dances like parlam, chheihlam, khuallam, sarlamkai, pawhloh tlawh, chawnglaizawn and cheraw. Don Bosco School Dance Crew also performed a modern dance. MHIP Sub Hqtrs Lawngtlai had a costume parade showcasing transformation of attires since early times till date. Artistes coming from Aizawl - G'Nie, Josephine Lalawmpuii (Jojo) and R. Lalsangzuali (Abawihi) and local artistes like Vanlalzawmpuii Hrahsel, Jennifer Lalruatkimi, Lalremliani, Lalawmpuii Hrahsel and Mercy Remsangmuani entertained the crowd with their beautiful and melodious numbers.

As the Organising Committee assigned selection of Chapchar Kut Miss, Little Miss and Little Mister 2020 to Phawngpui Photographers' Association (PPA), the PPA selected 10 most beautiful ladies coming to the celebration with traditional attires. Among which H. Lalduhsangi, Vengpui was crowned Chapchar Kut Miss 2020, the 1st Runner Up was Zodinpuii, AOC Veng and the 2nd Runner Up was Rampanmawii, Thingkah. They also selected Christy Lalhluzuali, Chandmary as Chapchar Kut Little Miss and Peter Lalhruaizela, Chandmary as Little Mister.

The celebration was attended by officials and staff under state government and LADC, media personnel, NGOs leaders, village leaders and good citizens. Besides all the singings and dancings, a traditional practice of chhawng hnawh by feeding each other with boiled eggs was also done.

The Kut Organising Committee, Lawngtlai District extended its heartfelt gratitude to those who participated in any manner to make the celebration a success.

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