19 infected pigs culled at Siaha

Siaha, 29 February 2020 (Zoram News): 19 pigs infected with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome(PRRS) and Classical Swine Fever(CSF) were culled today, here at Siaha by Gun shot and burried them in a dug out 10 feet deep pit, at the premises of AH&Vety farm, Siaha.

Those 19 pigs were caught from outside and within Siaha town. Of the 19 pigs, 14 were caught on their way to Siaha town from Myanmar, at Tisopi Village road; from Shri. Thuamkima(46) s/o Chawchina, Siahatlah and Shri. Nunawma, New Siaha-II in violation to magistrate's Order which prohibited importing of pigs from outside Siaha district.

A total of 7 pigs which already had reached Siaha town from Myanmar were also caught from local slaughterers namely  : Shri. T.Lallawmtluanga(49} S/o T.Bualhaia, Siaha Vaihpi and Beicho s/o A.Heikô, Siaha vaihpi.

Those infected pigs were of about 40 inches in size each and Dr.Sahlu khaila,DVO; supervised Today's culling of pigs and it was witnessed by Shri. David J.Beidaolai,SDPO; Shri. HC.Vanunthanga,Addl PP. and Shri. Noel.L.Kompa, Ukil for the accused.

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