Water supply crippled in Aizawl due to floods; Need for Water harvesting felt

June 17, 2017: The uncontrolled floods for the past few weeks pertaining to incessant rains has heavily cost the capital city of Aizawl in terms of supply of drinking water which has been disrupted since Tuesday due to the floods of the Tlawng river in Sairang Village. According to sources, the water pipe line between the pump house near Tlawng river and Dihmunzawl has been blocked leading to disruption of water supply. The water supply to Aizawl city from Serlui and Vaipuanpho rivers has also been disrupted due to landslide.

The PHE engineers have acted accordingly in this regard and led to the functioning of one water pump. However the the amount of water pumped was able to suffice the needs of only the hospitals and other institutions where the need is mostly felt.

The public were also advised not to waste water and practise rainwater harvesting to solve the prevailing water crisis.

TNT News with inputs from Mizoram Post

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