Unknown disease kills 25 pigs die in Mizoram

Aizawl, 17 June 2017: At least 25 pigs have died in Mizoram-Myanmar border town of Champhai since last week and many have taken ill due to an unknown disease. Secretary of the Champhai District Vawkvulh (Pig rearers) Association Lalrinzuala on Friday said that at least 25 pigs have died in the central area of Champhai town since last week while many others were taken sick.

The association proposed to hold a meeting on Sunday to assess the situation and seek the assistance of the government, he said.

State Animal Husbandry and Veterinary secretary B. Lalthanliana said that the samples of pigs and piglets are taken ill due to unknown disease in Champhai town were collected and expected to arrive at Aizawl on Monday for laboratory tests.

Lalthanliana said that the cause of the deaths and sickness of the pigs and piglets, whether it was due to classical swine fever or the dreaded Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) would be known only after the outcome of the tests.

“All those pigs which died were immediately buried and the veterinarians could not collect samples from the carcass due to incessant rain,” he said, adding that samples of sick pigs were collected.

Almost 4,000 pigs and piglets died in the six districts of Mizoram last year due to PRRS with the Champhai being the hardest hit at the toll of over 3,000.

It was suspected that the PRSS was propagated by pigs and piglets imported from Myanmar by a supplier in Champhai and the imported pigs were distributed to the beneficiaries of the New Land Use Policy (NLUP), the flagship programme of the state government.

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