After all the drama AIFF drops Super League idea

June 16, 2017: The proposed new league which was to see teams of the ISL and four teams from the I-League fight it out has been ditched by the AIFF. In the last few months, much has been written about the new road map of Indian football and after Aizawl FC won the I-League, there seemed to be confusion about the direction it was headed. The newly proposed league would have seen the I-League Champions relegated to 2nd division football. This caused outrage among fans who did not see the logic behind such a move. However, apparently this vision will not be put in place as instead of the Super League, AIFF are contemplating the idea of a knock out competition which will be known as the Super Cup. Details of the plan are yet to emerge.

After Bengal clubs—Mohun Bagan and East Bengal were seen to not be part of the newly added teams in the Indian Super League, the direction AIFF is now taking is different to what was originally intended as they say it is logistically not feasible to introduce the newly proposed club at the moment. The importance of the Kolkata giants is huge and it is disheartening to see AIFF not give importance to Aizawl FC’s concerns as it did the other clubs but with the dropping of the proposed league, things would go better for the I-league Champions

(TNT News)

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