Railway police arrest Mizo youth in Guwahati exporting drugs after drug seizure

Guwahati, April 25 (ANI): Railway Police in Guwahati have seized drugs from students during a routine check at the railway station.

Raghavendra Deka, the officer-in-charge of the government railway police force, a search of the baggage of the students travelling in the Rajdhani Express was conducted on a suspicion that the bags were too heavy.

The students are studying in reputed colleges in Delhi and were transporting drugs to Mizoram from where it was to be sent to Myanmar.

The students admitted to their crime saying they wanted to make money to pay for their studies in Delhi.

A girl who studying nursing in a reputed college in Delhi, is also among those arrested.

Railway police is interrogating the youths for more details.

All of them hail from Mizoram.

~ (ANI)
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