Address of Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati address Legislative Assembly Budget session 2022

Hon’ble Speaker and Hon’ble Members of the Legislative Assembly,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome and address you at the commencement of the Ninth Session of the Eighth Legislative Assembly. This Session would be largely concerned with the Budget for 2022-2023 and other Legislative Business. I am confident that the House will conduct its Session with a deep sense of responsibility and purpose, and that the reputation and dignity of the House, as also the high standard of debate, will be maintained. I also take this opportunity to convey my greetings and good wishes to all of you and the people of Mizoram.

Address of Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati address Legislative Assembly Budget session 2022Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, I am confident that Mizoram will continue its steady march on the path of peace and prosperity. We are living in times of high expectations of the people from their elected representatives and from the governmental machinery. We, therefore, need to strive for an augmented growth for the State, while ensuring that this growth is inclusive, with benefits reaching all sections of Society, especially the poor and marginalised.

1.         I am proud to state that Bye-Election to 4-Tuirial (ST) AC was successfully conducted on 30thOct, 2021 under peaceful atmosphere, as a result of combined efforts of the Government, Political Parties, NGOs and all other stakeholders. I take this opportunity to congratulate the successful candidate, Shri K. Laldawngliana and welcome him to this August House.

Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls for Assembly Constituencies, with reference to 1st January, 2022 as qualifying date, was successfully completed by the Election Department as per the instruction of the Election Commission of India. Final Electoral Roll was published on 15th January, 2022 in all 11 (eleven) Districts of Mizoram. The total no. of voters enrolled in the Electoral Roll is 8,33,426  voters.

2.         During the year 2021-22, the 8th Session of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly was summoned and prorogued twice, in which 8 (eight) proposals were submitted to the Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat for introduction and laying in the Assembly Session. The Parliamentary Affairs Department also disbursed an amount of Rs.71,38,101/- for pensions to Ex-MDC/MRC (Mizo Regional Council).

3.         Swearing-in ceremony of the Third Board of Councillors comprising of 19 elected Councillors from 19 Wards under the Aizawl Municipal Corporation was held on 1st March, 2021. In this time of pandemic, the AMC has been tirelessly handling collection and disposal of Covid-19 waste from Community Quarantine Facilities and Covid Care Centres within the Aizawl Municipal area. During 2021-2022, a sum of Rs.2.50 lakh was released to each of the 19 Councillors as Covid-19 Relief Fund to meet basic needs of their respective Wards.

The Council of Ministers in its meeting held on 16.11.2021 approved creation of Lunglei Municipal Council, which was duly notified in the Mizoram Gazette on 22.11.2021.

4.         It is a matter for satisfaction that my Government has been able to earn the goodwill and support of the Central Government and various agencies in its endeavours. Their response to our proposals has been very positive and these new projects will be launched with their liberal financial assistance. Notably, in the Union Budget recently presented on 2nd of February, 2022, Mizoram has been allocated Rs.500 crore for Construction of Aizawl By-Pass on the Western Side (from Sihhmui to Muallungthu) and Rs.100 crore for the Pilot Project for Construction of Bamboo Link Roads at different locations in various districts in the State.

5.         It makes me very happy and proud to highlight the various achievements of my Government under prevalent conditions of peace and harmony. In 2021-2022, out of the budget provision of Rs.200.00 crore for the implementation of the State’s Flagship Policy - the Socio-Economic Development Policy (SEDP), a total of Rs.83.39 crore had been allocated to various Departments for developmental works. Under the Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, seed funding is provided each year to promising start-ups, where selection is done through open competition. In the earlier phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a shortage of Personal Preventive Equipment (PPE) such as disinfectant, hand sanitizer and masks. To address this unprecedented demand, the Entrepreneurship Development Centre organized the EDC-PPE Innovation Challenge to provide local solutions, while also creating business opportunity locally and also to challenge and motivate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

6.         On this day, I would also like to invite this august Assembly to witness my Government’s commitment to provide efficient, responsive, accountable, fair and just administration at all levels of governance. Maintaining peace and tranquility, securing the safety of the citizens and affecting progress and development in all fields have always been among top priorities of my Government. I congratulate our efficient law enforcing agencies supported by NGOs, religious institutions, media and the general public in contributing towards maintaining our status as one of the most peaceful states in the country. Construction of various buildings/barracks at Mizoram-Assam border, including BSF barrack, has been undertaken under SEDP with an amount of Rs.82.99 lakh and the works are almost completed. Establishment of Company Headquarters at Vairengte under SEDP for Rs.2.23 crore and construction of various buildings at Mizoram-Assam border under SEDP for Rs.2.19 crore were also approved and the work will be started soon.

7.         Govt. of Mizoram has allotted land for construction of SP Khawzawl office at Zuchhip Veng, Khawzawl on 6.7.2021. Also, an area of 12518.39 has been allotted for establishment of SP Saitual office complex at Keifang. Land for construction of Police Out Post and Border Police Check Post/Foreigners Facilitation Centre at N.E. Khawdungsei and Teikhang village respectively had also been allotted. The Mizoram Police has seized large quantities of illicit drugs and narcotic substances worth Rs.51.83 crore. The cumulative amount of imposition of fines by Police for violation of The Mizoram (Containment and Prevention of Spread of Covid-19) Act, 2020 is Rs.2.49 crore, as on 18.01.2022.

With fund amounting to Rs.0.39 crore received under Nirbhaya Fund Scheme, Women Help Desks have been set up in 39 Police Stations. Fund amounting to Rs.1.08 crore was received under the same Scheme for strengthening of Anti Human Trafficking Units of Aizawl, Lunglei, Champhai, Kolasib and also for setting up of new units at Siaha, Serchhip, Lawngtlai and Mamit. In accordance with the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India instructions to install day and night CCTV with audio recorder at all Police Stations & Out Posts for prevention of Human Rights violation, the State government released Rs.2.00 crores as 1st installment and installation of CCTV is in progress. Additional allocation of Rs.3.93 crore was also received on 23.12.2021.

8.         Champhai Judicial District was created on 11.11.2021, comprising of the area covered by the existing administrative districts of Champhai and Khawzawl. Construction of Judicial Quarters at Siaha at the cost of Rs.1,96,60,000/- and Fast Track Court Building & Quarters at Kolasib with estimated cost of Rs.34,38,98,000/- are nearing completion. Also, the new Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre, MINECO, Aizawl was inaugurated on 7.1.2022.

The Mizoram State Legal Services Authority & District State Legal Services Authority conducted Lok Adalats frequently and 1389 cases at the total value of Rs.28,75,99,619.32 were settled during the year.

9.         During last year, Mizoram Public Works Department has achieved considerable progress despite the pandemic. Certain Projects like Champhai-Zokhawthar road, Tlabung-Kawrpuichhuah and Chhumkhum-Chawngte road constructed with World Bank fund and Serchhip-Buarpui road constructed under Asian Development Bank were completed. As of now, PWD is maintaining about 2250 nos. of various types of buildings and have 57 nos. of ongoing constructions. Constructions of 25 nos of buildings were completed during the current year, which include Construction of SDO (Civil) Office buildings at various places, Construction of Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre at New Capital Complex and Treasury Office and Quarters at various places. Mizoram PWD is also currently maintaining 135 nos. of bridges and has completed construction of 7 new bridges during 2021-22. The Department has also taken up PMGSY Schemes in rural areas and during last year, 14 Habitations were connected and 210 kms. of Road length completed. Other sources of fund such as NABARD, NEC, CRIF, and SEDP were also utilised for construction and upgradation of roads.

10.       The Public Health Engineering Department also had notable achievements during the year 2021-2022. Under Jal Jeevan Mission, 61,850 nos. of rural households and 209 villages have been fully covered with Functional House Tap Connection (FHTC) upto December, 2021. The Department has also recorded as many as 1,09,954 nos. of House Water Connection under Urban areas as on December 2021. Under NLCPR, construction of Dam Reservoir and Development of Recreation Centre at Keilungliah are being executed. Alternate Gravity Water Supply Scheme of Aizawl is also being executed under NESIDS. 13 nos. of Water Supply Schemes are being taken up under NABARD and another 3 (three) Projects taken up under AMRUT are in good progress. Sainik School & Chhingchhip Water Supply Scheme under NLCPR and Biate Water Supply Scheme under 10% GBS are completed.

11.       Exploiting the rich hydel potential of the State for generation of more power will receive high priority as dependable power supply is one of the most important basic inputs for development. My Government will therefore intensify efforts aimed at improving the power supply in the State. During 2020-21 (upto 20th January, 2021), Power & Electricity Department completed two projects, ie. 2x25MVA 132/33kV Sub-Station at Kawmzawl, Lunglei at an estimated cost of Rs 1690.00 lakh and 6.3MVA, 132/33 kV Sub-Station at E.Lungdar with improvement of 132kV line Bukpui to Khawzawl was completed at a cost of Rs 795.76 lakh from funding under SEDP. Four new Projects under Special Assistance to State for Capital Expenditure (SAS-CE) are being taken up, as well as one project each under DoNER (Rs.10.49 crore under NESID Scheme) and NABARD (Rs.11.64 crore).

12.       With an objective of providing better healthcare to the people of Mizoram, emphasis has been laid on Health Infrastructure Development. Under NABARD RIDF XXV, construction of 3 Primary Health Centre, 3 Sub-Centres and 6 Staff Quarters amounting to Rs.20.03 crore is in progress. Construction of Primary Health Centre, Isolation Ward at Community Health Centre, Sub-Centre, Sharp Pit for Bio-Medical Waste Management at 16 Sub-Centres amounting to Rs.110.47 lakhs is in progress. During January-November, 2021, out of 316 Suspected Cases, 69 were found positive for Dengue and treated. There has been no death in Mizoram due to Dengue till now. Mizoram envisages a TB free state by 2025 in alignment with the targets and goals of Central TB Division, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

The Zoram Medical College at Falkawn acquired new Oxygen Plants - 1000 LPM from DRDO, Ministry of Defence and 300 LPM under PM Cares. ZMC has been functioning as Dedicated Covid 19 Hospital since March 2020 till date. The number of beds has been increased from 150 initially to 268 beds and the number of ICU beds has increased from 13 initially to 48 beds. VRDL Lab has been established on 26th March, 2021 and a new Genomic Sequencing Facility has been installed with assistance from PATH Foundation, USA. In addition to Central Grant, the Govt. of Mizoram has allocated an amount of Rs.450.00 lakh and Rs.300.00 lakh for Construction of Trauma Centre, Civil Hospital Aizawl and Construction of Trauma centre, Civil Hospital Lunglei respectively.

13.       My Government will ever remain oriented towards the rural poor, the unemployed and the under-employed. During the current Financial Year of 2021-2022, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India released an amount of Rs.35896.1 lakh as Central Assistance under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Scheme. A total number of 18722 works were taken up, of which, 15159 have been completed. During the current year, 3919 works under Natural Resource Management, 11050 works under Individual Land and 3753 works under Rural Infrastructure were also taken up. A total of 208,652 households have been issued Job Cards so far and all were provided employment.

During the Year 2021-22, the State received Rs.3.98 crore as Critical Gap Funding under Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission, under which setting up of Rurban Commercial Centres at Khawzawl Cluster, Wholesale Market & Mushroom Processing Centres at Aibawk Cluster, Agricultural godown, Market sheds, Leng Smart Village, Installation of Solar Street lights at East Lungdar Cluster and Construction of IB, Community Halls, upgradation of Schools and Cluster Farming at Thingsulthliah Cluster were taken up.

Mizoram State Rural Livelihood Mission mobilized14,436 households into 1029 Self Help Groups across the 26 Blocks. 7 Cluster Level Federations were also formed and Vulnerable Reduction Plan was rolled out into 201 villages. Community Fund upto 426.25 lakhs was provided to SHGs and Village Organizations. Under Farm Livelihoods Intervention, 47 new villages covering 3601 new Mahila Kisans were entered and 4144 nutritional gardens were set up to enhance nutrition in the rural areas.

14.       My Government continues to attach a great importance to the protection of our forest wealth and our pristine environment. Forests have been the most important natural resources to the people as 84.53% of the geographical area of the State is under forest and tree cover (ISFR, 2021). In fact, Mizoram contributes 2.201% of the total forest and tree cover of the country. The Department of Environment, Forests & Climate Change has been avidly implementing various schemes. During 2021-22, an amount of Rs.2985.80 lakh has been received for creation and maintenance of plantations under Green India Mission. National Afforestation Programme is another Centrally Sponsored Scheme under which various afforestation activities are undertaken vigorously by the Department. During the current financial year, an amount of Rs.513.88 lakh had been received from GoI.

Government of India had launched Forest Fire Prevention & Management Scheme (FFPM) in order to address prevention and management of forest fire in the country. The scheme has been implemented in the State to address the growing concern over the adverse effects of Forest Fires. During 2021-22, an amount of Rs.87.19 lakh has been released for implementation of the scheme. Mizoram has also adopted a fire prevention mascot ‘Khitea’ for creating awareness and effective fire prevention.

15.       Main activities taken up by the Agriculture Department under the Rainfed Area Development (RAD) scheme during the current year were Livestock Based Farming System (846 ha.), Fishery Based Farming System (209 ha.), Horticulture Based Farming System (830 ha.), Agroforestry Based Farming System (228 ha.) and Apiculture (2900 colonies). Under National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA), fund for establishing 2 new Soil Testing Laboratories was received.

Oil Palm is being successfully cultivated in 7 Districts, viz. Aizawl, Kolasib, Mamit, Serchhip, Lunglei, Lawngtlai and Siaha. A total area of 26,730 ha. has been developed for Oil Palm cultivation, involving 10,843 farmers from 197 villages. The total Oil Palm FFBs sold to the partner companies till Oct, 2021 is 38821.259 metric ton. An area of 51.11 ha. is covered for Oil Palm cultivation during 2021-22, and 4426.598 metric tonne of Oil Palm FFBs were sold by farmers to partner companies. Two units of Oil Palm Seed Garden are also coming up at West Serzawl, Mamit District, in association with ICAR-IIOPR, Pegavegi, Andhra Pradesh. Seed sprouts from this seed garden are expected to be produced and marketed from 2025-2026. Establishment of Biological Control Laboratory at Lengpui is also being taken up at total Project cost of Rs.273.00 lakh.

16.       My Government realises the huge potential the state has in the Horticulture Sector. During 2021, more than Rs.597.50 lakh was earned from off-season tomato with a production of 10363.25qtls till date, which is expected to increase further as harvesting continues. Off-season cabbage during rainy season also helped farmers tremendously in earning better price, garnering an income of Rs.262 lakh with total production of 11951.20 qtls during the past year. The success of Watermelon cultivation in the state is worth mentioning. Four varieties - Sato, Africana, Abhisek and Madhuri - have been successfully cultivated in Saitual (Ngopa, Lamzawl & Pawlrang), Kolasib (Chemphai) and Serchhip (Mat phai & Sailulak) Districts. The annual income of the farmers is estimated to be around Rs.85.00 lakh with a total production of 1640 qtls.

Cluster expansion of Dragon fruit cultivation has been implemented extensively and last year alone, dragon fruit farmers earned an income of Rs.630 lakh approximately. Large scale cultivation of Pineapple has been taken up in Khawzawl, Serchhip, Mamit, Lawngtlai and Aizawl Districts.

During Covid second wave Lockdown last year, the Horticulture Department continued its ‘Vegetable and Fruit Supply Chain’ making fresh fruits and vegetables available to needy citizens, especially in Aizawl and District Headquarters. I appreciate this initiative which serves the dual purpose of helping the farmers to sell their produces at good price and at the same time ensuring uninterrupted supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Through the Supply Chain, farmers could continue to sell their products, earning an income of Rs.3.53 crore.

17.       My government aims towards employment generation, entrepreneurship development, increase in per animal productivity and enhance production of meat, milk and egg through the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department. During 2021- 2022, a total of Rs.943.24 lakh has been received from Government of India to implement various schemes under National Livestock Mission. Under NABARD, construction of 4 District Hospitals was completed to improve Veterinary Health Care Service.  Also, construction of Hatchery building with a capacity of 5000 hatching eggs, Brooder and Layer House at Lunglei, with the Project Cost of Rs. 519.87 lakh, was completed to fill supply gap in Southern Districts of Mizoram. With fund provision of Rs.212.50 lakh during 2021-2022 under RKVY, extension & renovation of 3 New District Veterinary Hospitals at Saitual, Khawzawl, Hnahthial Districts and Backyard Poultry & Piggery Farming for selected farmers in all 11 districts were taken up. 37 Rural Animal Health Centres were upgraded to Veterinary Dispensaries and 6 Veterinary Dispensaries upgraded to District Veterinary Hospitals.

The highly contagious African swine fever was first detected in Lungsen Village, Lunglei District on 21st March, 2021. It claimed the lives of 29,821 pigs affecting 9461 families in 11 districts. A total no. of 10,381 pigs had to be culled. Compensation for culled pigs amounting to Rs.11.69 crore was submitted to Government of India. As of now, the outbreak of disease is more or less controlled and contained.

18.       The total State budget for Fisheries Department during 2020-2021 was Rs.988.25 lakh. The Covid-19 pandemic adversely affected the fisheries sector, inactivity in the Fish Seeds Farms caused acute shortage of fish seeds leading to understocking and overall 38% heavy decline in fish production. During 2020-21, the Government of India approved a total of Rs.3381.14 lakh project for the State of Mizoram under a new scheme ‘Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana’ (PMMSY) to be implemented between 2020-2021 to 2024-2025.  However, the difficulties caused by the pandemic delayed release of funds; hence, actual implementation of the scheme is expected only during the last quarter of the current financial year. Today, only 50 % of the Central share i.e. Rs.986.77 lakh as 1st installment has been released.

19.       The Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs continues to ensure food security in the State. It caters to 279679 households with 11,93,091 persons (as on 19.01.2022) under its Public Distribution System. Given our hilly terrain and a long monsoon season, detailed planning was initiated right from the month of January, 2021 to ensure that the most remote and far-flung villages of the State are able to receive their normal quota of food grains through the network of 1252 Fair Price Shops across the State even during peak monsoon season. Monsoon stocking of 2,04,291 quintals of rice to last an average of 5 months for identified villages has been successfully completed at 91 strategic Principal Distribution Centres, Sub-Distribution Centres and Supply Centres to ensure that NFSA and other PDS beneficiaries do not suffer starvation on account of inaccessibility.

One Nation One Ration Card is one of the priority schemes of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, which allows all eligible ration card holders covered under NFSA to access their entitlements from anywhere in the country. Mizoram became the 20th State to implement ONORC on 01.06.2020. The Government of Mizoram is also implementing the Centrally Sponsored Pilot Scheme on ‘Fortification of Rice & its Distribution under Public Distribution System’ in all the Districts among the beneficiaries of Mid-Day-Meal Scheme and ICDS. This will go a long way in addressing anaemia and micro-nutrient deficiency, particularly amongst children.

20.       Under Project based support for Economic Development and Income Enhancement, the Local Administration Department has taken up Handloom Design Training cum Production Centre at Thenzawl, for which Approved Total Budget stands at Rs.35.6873 crore. The Department is also carrying on construction of 151 new Panchayat Bhawans, repair of 145 Panchayat Bhawans and co-location of 10 Common Service Centres. Under e-Enablement of Panchayats / Village Council, 150 new Computer sets will be distributed to 150 VCs during 2021-2022. Under the component of e-State Programme Management Unit (e-SPMU) and e-District Programme Management Units (e-DPMUs), various web-based application related to e-Governance at State and District Level are being handled.

21.       Mizoram is, perhaps, the most urbanized State in the country with more than 50% of the population living in urban areas. My Government realizes that development of urban areas is critical for the overall economic development of the State and is therefore, focusing on 5 thrust areas namely Water Supply, Sewerage & Septage Management, Drainage, Urban Transport and Green Space & Parks. Due to the efforts of the Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation Department, Mizoram ranks 8th in the National State Ranking in AMRUT portal (as on 14th December, 2021) and scored 74% marks in physical and financial progress.

All towns in the State have achieved Open Defecation Free Status certified by Quality Council of India under the Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban). Setting up of Septage Management Unit at Aizawl amounting to Rs.3.61 crore has been completed during FY 2021-22. Production of 908 biodigester tanks and 1664 conversion of conventional septic tanks have already been completed.

22.       During the period from 1st April, 2021 - 31st December, 2021, in spite of Covid pandemic, the Land Revenue & Settlement Department had issued 584 House Passes, 888 LSCs for Residence, 105 Land Lease Certificate and 52 LSCs for Agricultural Lands. The amount of Revenue (Non Tax) collected during April-December, 2021 is Rs.113.28 lakh and amount of Revenue Tax collected is Rs.671.84 lakh. The total collection from Registration fee & Stamp duty upto December, 2021 stands at Rs.1178.40 lakh. During last year, functioning of Settlement Officers at three new districts was started and plan for opening of Sub-Registrar offices at Champhai, Lunglei and Mamit is on the anvil.

23.       My Government is keenly aware of the need for human resource development of which education is the primary input. My Government also stands committed to further improve the quality of education in the State with the continuous efforts of the School Education Department. The universalisation of elementary education is a Constitutional obligation and it will continue to receive high priority. Efforts will be intensified to achieve this goal. Last year, under SEDP Scheme, 157 High School Teachers were engaged to meet acute shortage of teachers for a period of 10 months. Adult Education under ‘Padhna Likhna Abhiyan’ is being carried out in 4 districts - Siaha, Lawngtlai, Lunglei and Mamit and as many as 22,800 illiterate adults are estimated to have been made literate. Total Literacy Drive is also being carried out intensively in Siaha, Lawngtlai and Mamit Districts. Also, there are currently 52 schools (37 HS & 15 HSS) having Vocational Education Courses across the state.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the education process at various levels, institutions and teachers quickly adopted online classes and ensured that there was no break in education. I am also proud to say that many Government Schools in different parts of Mizoram have been dedicated as Covid Care Centres and Teachers working in these schools have contributed exhaustively by performing different roles.

24.       My Government continues to strive for higher quality of Higher and Technical Education in the State. Twenty out of the 21 Government Colleges have undergone accreditation and assessment under National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC), University Grants Commission (UGC). Amongst them, Government Serchhip College obtained ‘A’ Grade Accreditation of NAAC in the third Cycle Assessment conducted during last December. Apart from creation of human capital resources, the Department generated substantial amount of revenue to the tune of Rs.209,19,524.00 (upto December, 2021).

During 2021-2022, as many as 3,109 students successfully completed Graduate Course in Arts, Science, Home Science and Commerce streams. 4,393 students have completed Computer Courses, 48 students have completed Bachelor of Law, and 488 persons have been allotted seats for Professional & Technical Courses. Land for establishment of Mizoram University (Southern Campus) in Lunglei has been acquired at Pukpui.

 25.       Social service will continue to be extended to the weaker sections of society and efforts to tackle social evils will also be intensified. The Social Welfare & Tribal Affairs Department has been implementing the National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction Programme formulated by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India to help reduce the demand of drugs through awareness & capacity building programme. The NashaMukt Bharat Campaign or Drug Free India Campaign which was formulated by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India is also being implemented in 3 districts of Mizoram, viz. Aizawl, Champhai and Kolasib districts. 150 youths in 3 (three) districts are working as Peer Volunteers and are creating awareness on ill effects of drug amongst the youths. Rs.773 lakhs has also been sanctioned by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment for the establishment of 1000-bedded Jordan Centre under the scheme.

26.       My Government is concerned with the Welfare of women, children, the old, the infirm and the handicapped. Under the Women & Child Development Department, Mahila Shakti Kendra or District Level Centre for Women has been set up in 8 districts of the State. One Stop Centres have also been functional in various districts to aid and support women affected by violence. So far, there have been 57 women who have been assisted till September, 2021. Under Ujjawala scheme, the victims of human trafficking are provided with medical assistance, given psycho-social and legal counselling, and also given trainings in various trades and are assisted in reaching their hometown or country. There are 22 women at present housed in the Ujjawala Home. During 2021-2022, Anganwadi Services catered to the needs of 52113 Children (6 months to 3 years), 52308 Children (3 years to 6 years), 19748 Pregnant and Lactating Mothers, 3880 Creches and 1300 Adolescent Girls. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Anganwadi Centres have not been opened for Early Childhood Care and Education but Youtube Videos are made for children so that they do not miss out on learning and education for all round development. During lockdown, supplementary nutrition has been regularly distributed to beneficiaries every week.

27.       Various infrastructure projects under the Sports & Youth Services Department were completed and inaugurated recently. Laying of Football Turf at Saitual and Hnahthial were inaugurated on 14th and 2nd of December, 2021. Open Gym at Mualpui and MINECO, Aizawl were inaugurated on 26th February, 2021 and 23rd November, 2021 respectively. Construction of Multipurpose Sports Complex at Joint YMA Field, Vaivakawn, Mini Sports Complex at Sakawrdai and laying of Synthetic Football Turf at Lengpui have also been completed.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India under PMJVK sanctioned Rs.8410.72 lakh as first installment to the State Government during the financial year 2021-22 for establishing 3 Community Service Centres, laying of 2 Astro Football Turf, establishing 2 District Sports Complex and 4 Girls hostel, construction of 28 Volleyball and Basketball Courts each, construction of 2 Futsal Ground and laying of 1 Synthetic Hockey Turf. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India has also recently conveyed approval for opening of two Khelo India Centres (KICs) in Kolasib district for Hockey and Football discipline at RSTC, Kolasib and at Boys Hockey Academy, Kawnpui.

28.       The Information & Communication Technology Department has taken up establishment of Smart Classroom in Minority Areas under Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram in 20 Schools of Minority Concentration Area. ICT Department is in the process of establishing Incubation Infrastructure Centre with 100 seats in Aizawl with the financial assistance of NEC, which will be completed in one year’s time. IT Education for 150 schools was also taken up under NEC.

29.       Under Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Commerce & Industries Department has been implementing a project for Development of Industrial Estate, Industrial Growth Centre, Luangmual with a total project cost of Rs.9.84 crore and Development of Industrial Estate, EPIP, Lengte with a total project cost of Rs.9.72 crore. The Department has also taken up development projects like Establishment of Handloom units under SEDP, for which fund amounting to Rs.260.00 lakh has been alocated already sanctioned and released. NEC has also sanctioned Rs.733 lakh for Establishment of Handloom Production cum Training Centre at Phuaibuang, Construction of Hnam Chhantu Handloom & Handicraft Residential Training Centre, Lengpui and Construction of Mara Handloom & Weaving centre at Council Vaih, Siaha.

30.       During the current financial year, the amount of revenue collected by Transport Department upto December, 2021 is Rs.2352.95 lakh. It may be mentioned that through the services of MST buses, concession is given to senior citizens, blind, cancer patients and AIDS/HIV+ infected persons. In order to reduce traffic congestion, construction of Multi Level Parking and Multi Purpose Hall at Govt. Mizo High School, Aizawl have been started since February, 2021 and is expected to be completed by end of 2022. District Transport Office Buildings at Siaha and Lawngtlai were both inaugurated on 24.8.2021.

MoU was signed between Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (Govt. of India) and Transport Department (Govt. of Mizoram) on 9th July, 2021 for setting up of Monitoring & Monitoring Centre for Public Service Vehicles, as per AIS-140 standard under Nirbhaya Framework. GoI and State Govt. have already released Rs.549.60 lakh and Rs.61.07 lakh as 1st installment respectively.

The Ministry of Shipping has approved Rs.2292.94 lakh for development of IWT project in River Khawthlangtuipui upto the confluence of River Tuichawng, covering a distance of 23 kms. Proposal to conduct Hydrographic Survey & Techno Economic Feasibility Study for the development of IWT in River Chhimtuipui was also accepted by the Shipping Ministry, GOI. M/s Rites Ltd. has been selected to conduct the river study.

31.       The Department of Art and Culture with its archival repository, public libraries, museum and the Tribal Research Institute has remained pivotal in the preservation, promotion and conservation of heritage and cultural values of the State and its people. Digitisation of documents at Mizoram State Archives has been going on in full swing and more than 1.50 lakhs of important documents have been digitized for future reference. Digitization of Important books was also carried out by Mizoram State Library under Smart City Programme.

Despite the dreaded pandemic and in line with existing SOP, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav programmes were organised. Internal furnishing of Mizoram State Museum Extension building, MINECO is under progress. First Instalment of Rs.4.136 crore was received for construction of Regional Museum at Lunglei and State Matching Share of Rs.91.90 lakh was also sanctioned by State Govt. Final Instalment of Rs.7.15 lakh was also received from NEC, Shillong for ongoing Lai Cultural Centre-Cum-Auditorium at Lawngtlai. The project is almost completed.

32.       With Covid lockdown and travel restrictions put in place across the globe, tourism and hospitality sectors have been among the most affected. Meanwhile, the Tourism Department, Government of Mizoram, has been making endless efforts by focusing on post-covid strategy/plan for revival of tourism in the State by framing transparent policies, rules and guidelines and also by undertaking massive skill development programmes for tourism and hospitality industry. Currently, there are 68 private hotels in the State with a total of 505 beds for tourist accommodation and stay. There are also 41 travel agents and 8 tour operators in Mizoram.

Ministry of Tourism, Government of India also accorded sanction of Rs.3994.75 lakh for development of Convention Centre and Associated Infrastructure at Aizawl on 31st March, 2021. ‘Anthurium Festival 2021’ was organized on 28th & 29th October, 2021 at Vanapa Hall. Winter Festival 2021’ was celebrated by organizing series of events during December 2021. As part of the Winter festival, a first-time Heritage Walk to Lungleng was successfully organized on 29th December, 2021.

33.       My Government is much concerned with the dangers of drug trafficking and drug abuse and the Excise & Narcotics Department is making all out efforts to control this menace. As a result, 2112 persons were arrested under Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, Mizoram Liquor (Prohibition) Act, 2019 and Mizoram Excise Act, 1973 during the current financial year 2021-2022 (upto 31.12.2021) and in connection with the arrest, 2326 cases were registered. The department also collected Revenue amounting to Rs. 81,45,975.00 during the current financial year 2021-2022 (upto 31.12.2021).

34.       I am proud to say that the Disaster Management & Rehabilitation Department and the Young Mizo Association have over the years worked closely in times of crisis and have collaborated for trainings and workshops several times. I must also congratulate the YMA for always being the first responder in case of any disaster or incident that occurs in a locality. Assistance has also been provided to displaced people from Myanmar through the Office of the Deputy Commissioners of Districts, for basic requirements.

35.       The General Administration Department and Secretariat Administration Department were amalgamated vide Notification No.A.46013/9/2021-GAD dt. 19.04.2021, and the whole establishment of SAD is now designated as Secretariat Administrative Wing (SAW). Multi Level Car Parking at MINECO was handed over to GAD and inaugurated on 21.12.2021. Building Plan Approval Committee (BPAC) has approved Building Plan for construction of the Mizoram Lokayukta Office Building on 6.10.2021 and Geological Survey of India at MINECO on 10.01.2021. Under GAD Aviation Wing, improvement & upgradation of Lengpui Airport is currently underway with funding from Special Assistance to State for Capital Expenditure and NESIDS. New flight service from Lengpui Airport to Shillong/Agartala/Guwahati and New Delhi has also been introduced. The State Government also increased Helicopter service from the second week of December, 2021 to Saitual and Tlabung villages.

36.       As approved by the Empowered Committee, the Ministry of Minority Affairs, GoI released Rs.693.00 lakh to the District Council & Minority Affairs Department for setting up of ‘IT Skill Development & Training Centres’ in 7 MCAs of Mizoram at per unit cost of Rs.99 lakh each. Release of Grant-in-Aid (Non-Salary) to the 3 Autonomous District Councils were : Lai Autonomous District Council-Rs.14,63,79,000/-, Mara Autonomous District Council-Rs.13,52,89,000/- and Chakma Autonomous District Council-Rs.7,02,39,000/-. Release of Grant-in-Aid (Non-Salary) to Village Councils under the 3 Autonomous District Councils were : Lai Autonomous District Council-Rs.149,82,000/-, Mara Autonomous District Council-Rs.84,14,300/- and Chakma Autonomous District Council-Rs.72,16,200/-.

37.       My Government is keenly aware of the importance of the Judiciary as an institution for the protection of human rights and for providing speedy justice. During 2021-2022, the Mizoram State Legal Services Authorities conducted Legal Awareness Campaigns covering all the Districts and free Medical Camps were also organised. Legal Outreach programme was also organised by the Mizoram SLSA and all the District Legal Services Authorities reaching every nook and corner of the villages with an objective to make the people aware of their rights and duties and the availability of free legal aid. Regular Lok Adalat, E-Lok Adalat, Mobile Lok Adalat and National Lok Adalats were also conducted.

38.       The Mizoram Lokayukta was allocated total budget of Rs.194.38 lakh and an additional Rs.2 lakh was allocated for medical and other heads. During 2021-2022, eight (8) new complaint cases from Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) were registered, adding up to 38 complaint cases till date. During the reporting period, four (4) RTI applications were received and replies to all queries furnished in compliance with the Right to Information Act, 2005 and the Mizoram Lokayukta Act, 2014. So far, there is no appeal of RTI cases under Mizoram Lokayukta.

39.       The Department of Geology & Mineral Resources has been actively engaged in Sub-soil Investigation through core drilling and soil analysis for Super Specialty Cancer and Research Centre at Zemabawk, Aizawl under JICA funding since last part of December, 2021 and the work is slated to be completed during February, 2022. Under Engineering Geology, 20 sites of Landslide Inspection and 6 nos. of Geotechnical Investigation were conducted. During the year, revenue collected through Royalty from Minor Mineral Investigation and Petroleum Licence Fee is Rs.3,44,29,436/-.

40.       The Information & Public Relations Department continues to be in the frontline in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department has produced 92 messages, 33 talk shows on various aspects of the pandemic as well as documentary films, short video clips and posters to inform and educate people. These have played a valuable role in changing the perception of people about the pandemic and helped in containment and prevention. More than 80% of construction work of the NEC-funded Multi Facility Centre ‘Lianchhiari Run’ has been completed despite the pandemic. As one of the oldest departments under the Government of Mizoram, Information & Public Relations will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee, a glorious 50 years’ service to the people, this year.

41.       My Government has continuously promoted the Cooperative Sector, which plays a vital role in the socio-economic development of the people in Mizoram. Currently, there are as many as 1306 numbers of different types of registered Cooperative Societies across the state. There are two Cooperative Banks, ie. the Mizoram Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd. & Mizoram Cooperative Urban Bank Ltd. that provide accessible banking services and loans to customers, which immensely help in the upliftment of the people as a whole.

42.       The Directorate of Institutional Finance & State Lottery is the nodal department dealing with co-ordination between the Banks and the Government. It screens various schemes formulated by the Government Departments and endorses the same to the banking authorities concerned for implementation after proper elaboration. The total collection of revenue from its Lottery business during the year 2021-2022 is Rs.340.06 lakh till December 2021.

43.       Total Revenue collected by Legal Metrology Department from Verification fees, License fees, Compounding fines (Act & Rules) was Rs. 582,020/-. 29 Traders were booked under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and The Mizoram Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2010 in the past year.

44.       Revenue collection achieved by the Taxation Department for the financial year of 2021-2022 through VAT, PT, SGST and IGST (upto December, 2021) is Rs.61,178.55 lakh.

45.       Printing & Stationery Department also collected revenue amounting to Rs.161,59,944/- (upto 15th January, 2022) from printing works for the current Year 2021-2022  and Revenue from sale of stationery items stood at Rs.36,87,001/- (upto December, 2021).

46.       The Mizoram Subordinate Services Selection Board came into existence w.e.f. 28.02.2020 and during the period from 27th January, 2021 to 25th January, 2022, the Board has conducted free and fair Direct Recruitment as well as Departmental Examinations.

Hon’ble Members, I have presented a summary of my Government’s achievements, policies and programmes. These are but brief highlights, which will be presented in greater detail in the course of your deliberations during this Session; and I hope that all of you will actively participate in the deliberations in order to build a better future for Mizoram.

I am sure that administrative reforms, good governance, development of IT infrastructure for e-governance as well as development of financial reforms will continue to receive highest priority. I am confident that your collective endeavour and wisdom will continue to provide new initiatives and steadfast guidance for the achievement of lasting peace and prosperity for all sections of people of Mizoram.

In conclusion, I once again convey my heartiest felicitations to you and to the people of Mizoram, and I wish your deliberations every success.

Ka lawm e.

Jai Hind.
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