National seminar on Urbanization and its Impact on Environment held at Aizawl

Aizawl, 25th March, 2021: Higher and Technical Education Minister Dr R.Lalthangliana today inaugurated a national seminar on Urbanization and its Impact on Environment, organised by the Geography Department of Aizawl North College.

Dr R.Lalthangliana, in his inaugural remarks, stated that uncontrolled urbanization in India and the rest of the global community has resulted in rapid environmental degradation which directly affects humanity by causing problems such as water scarcity, pollution, global warming and space constraints in the city. It not only affects the living conditions of the people, but also causes rising social evils; and therefore, addressing this issue requires a multipronged approach, he said. Urging all participants of the seminar to have a renewed commitment, the Minister said that the real success of the seminar lies in the ability of the participants to set an example for others and to spread awareness among the general masses.

The Director for Higher and Technical Education Mrs. Nazuk Kumar, who also spoke on the occasion, said that in India, 34% of the entire population lives in the urban areas and this number is likely to rise rapidly in the near future. We must accept that urbanization is happening in our world today, that attempting to stop it is futile and therefore, it is our duty to plan for the challenges that comes with it, she said.

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