Pigs at Mizoram village suffering from Greasy Pig Disease

Aizawl, April 28 (PTI): Experts in the College of Veterinary Sciences at Selesih, near Aizawl, who examined the samples of pigs suffering from an unknown disease at a village identified the disease as 'Greasy Pig Disease' or 'Exudative Epidermitis'.

Three pigs in this village, situated in the Champhai district bordering Myanmar, were suffering from the disease which caused discolouration of the skin of the pigs, making it look like the pig was suffering from a severe burn.

Veterinary doctors said that the disease was caused by a virus called 'Staphylococcus hyicus' and the victim pigs were now recuperating after being administered direct treatment. The doctors said that the disease did not create epidemic situation while it could be communicated only through direct contact.
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