Mizoram govt sets condition to hold talks with Hmar militants

Aizawl, 9 April (PTI): Mizoram Home Minister R Lalzirliana on Saturday said that the state government would hold talks with the Manipur-based Hmar People's Convention (Democrat) (HPC(D)) militants only on compliance of the conditions set by the government.

Talking to media persons, Lalzirliana said that if the HPC(D) militants lay down arms and give assurances that no armed militant groups would be formed in the future, the state government would consider holding peace parleys.

He also said the Hmar militants should return all the arms taken from the state policemen in an ambush, including those taken away by a police deserter.

The HPC(D) had been indulging in violent activities from across the Manipur border since 1997 and had been demanding a separate autonomous council comprising the north-eastern part of the state adjoining Manipur.
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